Experience a physical discomfort

Over 70% of users experience a physical discomfort in the workplace, and more than half of them complain about various types of pain, the most frequently indicated is back pain.The position in which we work has a big influence on the pain. Incorrect sitting position causes about 40-90% more spinal strain than the wrong standing position. It is a force, acting on the third intervertebral disc, with a weight of
175- 275 kg for a sitting position, and for a standing 150-200 kg.



The correct sitting position is a load of the spine with a strength of 140 kg, while standing position about 100 kg. A sedentary lifestyle and a small amount of exercise make a chronic back pain an increasingly common problem in our society.

The sitting position is very harmful to our health. The variable position is the most advantageous for work.

Computer application

The h2O system is based on desks with adjustable electrical frames connected to a computer application. The columns of the frame are equipped with ZERO™ technology, which reduces the power consumption in standby mode from a typical 1- 2W level to just 0.1W.

H2O application

● it shows the current table top height and allows you to adjust the height of the desk using a computer.

● based on the height and sex of the user and anthropometric boards, it suggests the appropriate height of the worktop for work in a sitting and standing position, and for persons using a wheelchair in a sitting position.

● the user can set his or her individual work planner, determine how many minutes per hour he wants to work in a sitting and standing position. The application, before the time specified by the user, reminds you of the change of position. After each hour worked, the application informs to take about 5-minute break (optionally) during which the user can perform loosening exercises displayed by the application.



The dimensions of the furniture are adapted for disabled people using wheelchairs.



Cabinets on high racks allow people on wheelchairs to come closer to the fronts of this furniture. Sliding doors make them to open easily and do not require additional maneuvering operations.



Desks on electric racks allow you to adjust the height to the individual needs of the user.



Handles made of HPL compact disc enable convenient movement of furniture from a sitting position.

Toxic substabce formaldehyd

Formaldehyde is a toxic substance used in 85 industry sectors for the production of everyday products, including building materials and furniture. It is produced in the amount of 21 million tons per year. About half of this amount is used for the production of adhesives, for example wood-based products. Exposure to formaldehyde may cause fatigue, drowsiness, irritation; cause allergies and irritations, and even be the cause of serious diseases.
On January 1, 2016, formaldehyde changed the classification from „Suspected of causing cancer” to „May cause cancer”. (EC No 1272/2008). The wood-based panel, class E1, in the currently adopted European standard, can not release more than 0.1 ppm of formaldehyde. According to the European Timber Trade Association, the maximum formaldehyde emission should not exceed 0.03 ppm, which is comparable to the Japanese F **** standard (0.03 - 0.04 ppm).

Chipboard with minimalized formaldehyd content

H2O furniture is made of three-layer chipboard with minimized formaldehyde content in the Japanese standard F * * * *, according to JIS A1460. Which means that it has a formaldehyde emission of 0.03- 0. 04 ppm, which is close to that of natural wood. The chipboard is certified by Blu Angel, which focuses on minimizing the harmful effects on the environment.

Wool neutralizes harmful substances

In addition, upholstered elements and h2O system barriers were made of 100% wool fabric, which thanks to the keratin content, has a natural absorption capacity of formaldehyde and other irritating odors from the environment. The partitions have been designed and made in such a way that they are easy to disassemble, which makes them easy to clean.

Antibacterial materials

The desk tops can contain about 10 million bacteria, which is about 400 times more than in the toilet. Due to the frequent contact of workers with these surfaces, the risk of disease transmission increases. The use of antibacterial coatings in office furniture would help to prevent the transmission of microbes by employees and therefore reduce the frequency of disease.

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